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Omaid Homayun

Derrick has a vision for the business that’s always one step ahead of the competition. Attention to detail is something that he truly breath which is an essential element when dealing with business sales.

Omaid Homayun, Sr. Account Executive at Gartner and host of the “To The Top: Inspirational Career Advice by Omaid Homayun” podcast.

Quan Tran

Derrick Williams is the consummate sales professional and coach. His determination, dedication, and leadership are assets that consistently set him apart from his peers.

In addition to his success in consistently achieving outstanding sales results, Derrick has a passion for coaching and developing young sales professionals.

It was a pleasure working with Derrick as he helped me develop the discipline, skills, and organization it takes to become a top notch sales professional.

Quan Tran, RH Account Consultant at Halyard Health

Oscar Amaya

Fernando Moreno

Jeff Smith

We hired Derrick to develop our inside sales development team at Providence.

Derrick hired a team, created a training curriculum, and provided 1:1 development for each of our newly hired SDRs.

His significant experience with Salesforce.com helped our Sales Ops team implement expanded functionality and create metric-rich dashboards used to better manage the business.

Derrick applied his sales development background in enterprise software and consumer technology to create a sales development plan for spinal implant sales.

His work at Providence helped launch successful new territories in Southern California and laid the foundation for our inside sales pilot of FuseBox in the ASC.

I highly recommend Derrick for any organization looking to implement and/or scale a sales development program. He is a hard-working, results-driven sales leader that will help your organization scale to the next level.

Jeff Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Providence Medical Technology

Ned Arick

I’ve worked with and for many sales professionals. Although my jobs have not been directly tied to quota-based selling it has always been something that fascinates me.

It wasn’t until I started following Derrick that it all started to click and make sense. Derrick not only knows what he is talking about, but he can coach, teach and facilitate the learning process to shorten the learning curve. That is truly something this industry is lacking. There are a lot of people that know sales, but it takes a true professional to be able to understand it and transfer that knowledge and understanding to someone who is attempting to learn the profession.

Too often I see people give face value information, but Derrick provides deep actionable information that you can use that day. Earlier this week Derrick spent time talking with me about job related competencies and not only did he help me further my career, but he helped me understand my strengths and my future in the industry I am in.

There aren’t many people in Derrick’s position that would have taken time out of their day to truly give actionable information, and Derrick did that without any question or asking anything in return. There are very few people that have my business and recommendation after one conversation, but Derrick is one of those people.

If you’re looking to better your sales skills, your sales team, or just have a conversation with someone who genuinely cares about human beings and their success look no further.

Derrick, I appreciate your time and I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Ned Arick, Account Manager and Customer Lead at NetPulse