Jay Melton, Sr. Director ofBusiness Development & Marketing Operations at Tricentis

We partnered with Derrick originally to do an assessment of our BDR program. We had a management shift in the middle of this along with some priorities, so we got off to a rocky start (completely on us). We finished the assessment, which had some great points, then decided to bring Derrick on a monthly retainer to be an extension of our leadership team for an initial 3-month engagement which grew into 6-months as we were seeing great success.

He helped me as the leader go through a busy 6 months onboarding 2 new leaders, shifting a leader into an enablement role and hiring 20+ BDRs. We also overhauled our cadence structure, built out new trainings and stepped up our enablement game. He ran 1x1s with both leaders and BDRs and also did three onsite interactive trainings on best practices for BDRs.

The knowledge Derrick brings on what is working at other organizations was incredibly beneficial to increasing our communication effectiveness and helping us reach our goals