Omaid Homayun

Derrick has a vision for the business that’s always one step ahead of the competition. Attention to detail is something that he truly breath which is an essential element when dealing with business sales. Omaid Homayun, Sr. Account Executive at Gartner and host of the “To The Top: Inspirational Career Advice by Omaid Homayun” podcast.

Quan Tran

Derrick Williams is the consummate sales professional and coach. His determination, dedication, and leadership are assets that consistently set him apart from his peers. In addition to his success in consistently achieving outstanding sales results, Derrick has a passion for coaching and developing young sales professionals. It was a pleasure working with Derrick as he […]

Ned Arick

I’ve worked with and for many sales professionals. Although my jobs have not been directly tied to quota based selling it has always been something that fascinates me. It wasn’t until I started following Derrick that it all started to click and make sense. Derrick not only knows what he is talking about, but he […]