Sales Development Representative (SDR) Team Implementations:

If your company is implementing an SDR team to drive pipeline and revenue growth, 3Link Consulting has the hands-on experience you need to ensure your program is structured in the most effective manner possible, according to your unique business requirements.

Derrick Williams, 3Link Consulting‘s Principal Consultant and Trainer, has directly designed and implemented the necessary plans, policies, processes, workflows, and playbooks for early-stage SDR teams, across a variety industries, ensuring high-quality pipeline growth.

Whether you’re in the planning phase or looking to expand a team that you have already started, 3Link Consulting has the expertise to help you maximize your results.

Specialties include:

  • Outbound, Inbound and/or Hybrid Environments
  • Interviewing/Screening
  • New Hire Training, Ramp Up and Ongoing Development Plans
  • Forming Effective Team Structures 
  • Writing Playbooks, Scripts and Multi-Touch Outreach Cadences
  • Lead-to Opportunity Processes 
  • Driving SDR Performance Across Multiple Account Executives
  • and Sales Acceleration Tools 

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Our first step would be to better understand your company’s unique business model and vision for growth.

We do this by conducting a free 60-minute assessment call to determine how 3Link Consulting might be able to best help you reach your goals.

From there, we will outline a customized Scope of Work (SOW) document that specifies the objectives, timelines and  services to be provided by 3Link Consulting.

Sales Development implementation support projects range in cost depending on the agreed upon SOW.

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