3Link Sales Development Training

Someone coming into the profession of Sales Development at this particular juncture, is entering at a time where the industry is leaping forward like we’ve never seen.

If people don’t master the fundamentals and develop modern skills they will inevitably struggle to sustain good performance.

Our SDR Effectiveness Training and our Sales Development Management Training are interactive programs designed to provide participants with the fundamental knowledge, advanced skills, and mindset to help them be as effective as possible.


  • Participants will learn the most effective strategies and tactics for initiating and navigating sales conversations, in a variety of scenarios, to a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Participants will exit this course with the skills and knowledge necessary to build and maintain a healthy sales funnel which can be relied on for accuracy in the Sales forecast.
  • Participants will be provided with a foundational understanding of the process required to reach a state of virtuosity in the profession of Sales Development and Sales Development Management.

SDR Training Outline

  • The Sales Development Process
  • Sales Development Mastery: What It Takes
  • Sales Skills Training
  • Prospecting Skills Training
  • Channel Mastery Education
  • Capstone Activity


  • Participants will develop proficiency in modern, relevant business management principles and apply them to manage an SDR team, with a particular emphasis on establishing a sustainable engine for consistently generating new, qualified opportunities for the sales team.
  • Participants will learn to balance the roles of being a good manager and an effective leader to drive team success, with a focus on creating and maintaining an SDR playbook that enables a strong micro-culture and optimizes performance through coaching, training, feedback, and data analysis for prioritization.
  • Participants will learn to leverage data insights to set direction, and to manage up and out effectively to ensure alignment with broader organizational goals while staying attuned to the unique needs of the SDR team.
  • Learn and apply modern strategies relevant to today’s dynamic sales development landscape to create and lead high-performing SDR teams that meet and exceed organizational targets.

SDR Manager Training Outline

  • What We’re Seeing In The Market
  • Welcome to Management: Business Management 101
  • Balancing Being Good Manager and An Effective Leader
  • Building & Maintaining The SDR Playbook
  • Fostering a Strong Micro-Culture
  • Optimizing Performance Through Coaching & Training
  • Delivering Feedback
  • Managing Up & Out
  • Using Data For Directions But Context For Priorities

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