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Sales Development Consulting

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3Link is an extension of your already existing staff. We advise, as well as actively participate in, designing, implementing and scaling your organization’s Sales Development practice.

3Link enables companies to maximize the team they already have, while also being an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time Sales Development Manager at the implementation stage. We lead clients through a process with 3-phases, helping them to design, recruit, and train a team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

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Following is a list of roles that your 3Link Sales Development Implementation Consultant fills for your business in the early stages of building your company’s SDR (Sales Development Representative) practice.

Strategic Adviser – The first role of your 3Link Sales Development Implementation Consultant is one of an adviser. A role based on many years of hands-on experience acquiring the knowledge needed to guide Leadership teams accurately through the process of implementing their Sales Development strategy. This is particularly important during the initial phases while preparing plans for the business that generate new Sales opportunities.

Recruiter – Building an SDR team involves hiring at scale, which makes recruiting one of the most important functions. You would be running a risk in your hiring strategy without someone who has the experience of attracting top talent and pursuing high-caliber SDRs. There is a considerable amount of interviewing that takes place while assembling the team and your 3Link Sales Development Implementation Consultant comes equipped with a great deal of experience in conducting interviews and evaluating candidates.

Sales Process Engineer – One of the first steps in establishing how a Sales Development team will be incorporated into the business, is re-engineering your existing Sales process to include the new function. There are may dynamics at play when doing this which can have downstream implications if not thought through completely. A poorly engineered Sales Development process will result in poor execution and a frustrated Sales organization. With help from your 3Link Sales Development Implementation Consultant, you can rest assured that your Sales Process will be optimized for your ideal outcomes.

Salesforce Administrator – Implementing a Sales Development practice will require customizations to your instance of Salesforce.com. If your company does not already have a dedicated Salesforce.com administrator on staff, your 3Link Sales Development Implementation Consultant is capable of assisting with executing the changes.

Sales Trainer & Coach – To bring a group of new Salespeople up to speed on how to sell the company’s products and/or services, quickly, takes years of practice and if not executed effectively, your SDRs will have a false start. 3Link will work with your team to develop an effective on-boarding experience with a training program that has proven to develop high-caliber SDRs.

Sales Operations Analyst – At the initial phase of implementing a Sales Development practice, your 3Link Sales Development Implementation Consultant will be involved in designing and managing the SDR incentive process, SDR performance data, and all the tools associated with the Sales Development team. This requires significant attention to analytical trends, strong Salesforce.com administrator experience, and deep familiarity with Excel. In addition, 3Link will help with quality, accuracy and timeliness of SDR related reporting.

Sales Development Expert (Tactical Adviser) – 3Link Sales Development Implementation Consultants are practitioners; experts in the craft of developing new Sales engagements for Account Executives and Regional Sales Representatives.

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