Personalized Month-to-Month Coaching – DRIVE TO THE TOP OF THE LEADER BOARDS


This month-to-month approach encompasses situational coaching with a proactive structure, allowing us to spend quality time focusing on developing you individual Sales game.

My unbiased coaching stems from over 20-years in business-to-business (B2B) Sales for Enterprise and Startup organizations. I’ve been in the trenches as a quota carrying Salesperson and I’ve spent over 10-years leading Sales teams helping Salespeople grow their careers. Let’s see how I can help you too.

Combining your self-taught approach with an effective mentor relationship is the most efficient method for mastering Sales and becoming a Sales Virtuoso. Great Sales mentors streamline your learning process by providing unbiased advice that’s adjusted to your individual circumstances.

Duration: Monthly
Cost: $200.00 per month
Delivery: Phone, Skype or FaceTime

Include with the Month-to-Month package:

4x 1-on-1 coaching sessions per month; 1x/wk (45-minute and via Skype or FaceTime)

3Link Sales Facebook Group Membership

3Link Sales Monthly Newsletter customized for monthly subscribers and VST-Online members only.

Unlimited Email/Text/DM and brief one-off phone conversations with Derrick (availability permitting)

3Link Sales private arsenal of sales tools.

Scheduled a FREE 30-minute Discovery Call now so that we can explore how I can best help you on an ongoing basis.