Interview Tip: This Question Can Make Or Break Your Interview

Some of you may have a big interview coming up this for a Business-to-Business (B2B) sales position.  

For a lot of you, that interview is with a company who’s in a field that you’re not familiar with. This is totally normal. Industry-changers are very common in B2B sales.

But like any interview, you need to be prepared.

And I can tell you from experience, after conducting hundreds of interviews, that there’s one very important question that you need to be prepared to answer effectively.  

I promise,  how you respond to this question could make or break your interview.

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It’s a simple question but can have fatal consequences.

Do your homework. Study their business. Go to their website. Read their White Papers and Press Releases. Find any mentions of them in the news.

Form a perspective. This is your opportunity to start demonstrating your skills, by articulating what you understand about the company’s products or services and its value to the market.

And it’s ok, you don’t have to be an expert. The interviewer is looking for effort and competence. Make sure you ask thoughtful questions. If it’s not already obvious, ask who their biggest competitor is and what they’re doing to counter them. Double click on their products and ask what they might have in store for the future.

Whatever you do, DON’T WING IT or respond by saying how many rounds of funding they’ve been through and what you’ve learned about the company’s history. Or maybe what you learned about the CEO or other members of the leadership team.  

The question is not, “what do you know ABOUT US?”.

The question is, “what do you know about WHAT WE DO?”.

In this quick 1-minute video I speak about this in a bit more detail.

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