3 Rules for Building and Maintaining a Healthy Sales Pipeline

Building and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline is the key to success in achieving your sales goals. In this post I break down 3 rules for BUILDING AND MAINTAINING A HEALTHY SALES PIPELINE. Rule No. 1 – Always Be Prospecting Rule No. 2 – Spend More Time With Better Prospects Rule No. 3 – Be […]

Interview Tip: This Question Can Make Or Break Your Interview

Some of you may have a big interview coming up this for a Business-to-Business (B2B) sales position.   For a lot of you, that interview is with a company who’s in a field that you’re not familiar with. This is totally normal. Industry-changers are very common in B2B sales. But like any interview, you need […]

No Training Department? Use This Tip to Maximize Your On-Boarding Program

I have a quick tip for my fellow Sales Managers out there who are responsible for on-boarding new reps and ensuring they ramp up quickly. In this quick 3-minute video, I run through how to put together a databases of trivia questions to make a more effective boarding and development program. Smaller companies, particularly start […]

Managing Appropriate SDR Performance Distribution Across Multiple Sales Reps

As an SDR Manager, I’m frequently asked how I ensure the proper distribution of new leads and pipeline when SDRs are aligned with multiple Sales Reps. Here’s some insight on the approaches I’ve used and have seen work. Managing Appropriate SDR Performance Distribution Across Multiple Sales Reps from Derrick Williams

When to hire an SDR Manager from the perspective of an SDR Manager

Please check out the slides I threw together after experiences leading and scaling a couple Sales Development teams. Building out an SDR team and evolving to a full inside sales structure over time is a key growth strategy for many startups. The slides I created are meant to answer the question, “Is it time to hire an […]