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Take your Sales Development Practice from a CONCEPT to CONVERTING


We provide support for busy Sales and Marketing Executives at early-stage startups who need help with building out a new Sales Development practice or transforming an existing one.


Some of our specialties include:

  • Technology, Manufacturing and Medical Device industries

  • Multi-channel business models

  • Product-led Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Inbound and Outbound Role Specialization

  • SDR team sizes of 2 to 10

Sales Development – A Proven Growth Strategy

Each year, thousands of pro growth companies implement Sales Development within their business as a strategic step toward fueling revenue. The Sales Development function is a specialized team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) focused on outbound prospecting and/or inbound lead qualification, with the objective of creating high-quality engagement opportunities for their counterparts (the closers). This partnership Sales model allows your closers to concentrate on the complex work of progressing opportunities through the pipeline to close, while your SDRs concentrate on keeping the funnel full.




A successful Sales Development Implementation will increase your new business growth rate by two-to-four times (2x to 4x) what it is today, making the allure of starting a Sales Development team pretty clear… but how to successfully implement the function within your business might not be as clear. Sales Development Implementations are multifaceted and therefore having the right support along the way can be the difference between achieving excellence and having an shoddy program.

3LINK is Your Sales Development Partner

Implementing a Sales Development practice can be complex with an assortment of potential pitfalls relative to People, Process and/or Tools. This only increases the importance of ‘getting it right’ during the implementation phase. Working with 3LINK consulting will help ensure you avoid wasted time and investments, costly distractions to the business, cultural resistance, and a Sales Development practice that sputters out poor performance.

How We Help

Strategic Adviser

We advise management teams through the process of designing and implementing a Sales Development strategy. Based on years of research and experience working directly to build out other teams, we are well positioned to help companies like yours to set up a Sales Development practice that will accelerate your go-to-market strategy.

Recruit & Screen Applicants

Building a new Sales Development team involves hiring at scale and most startup management teams simply do not have the bandwidth to effectively drive and oversee the initiative. As part of the implementation project, we can operate as an extension of your team, remotely handling all the sourcing, screening and coordinating of SDR interviews. 

Sales Process Engineering

One of the first steps in establishing how a Sales Development team will be incorporated into the business is re-engineering your existing Sales process to include the new function. There are many dynamics at play when doing this which can have downstream implications if not thought through completely. A poorly engineered Sales Development process will result in poor execution and a frustrated Sales organization. Avoid this with help from 3LINK. We have successfully implemented Sales Development strategies in a variety of industries and in various business models.  We will work closely with you to design repeatable and sustainable processes optimized for your unique business requirements.

Salesforce Administration

Implementing a new Sales Development strategy will require customizations to your instance of Salesforce in order for your team to be as efficient as possible and to support your data-driven sales processes. Without the right expertise in-house, this can be very challenging. 3LINK comes equipped with the skills to take this off your plate so that you can concentrate on driving your business instead of spending time on the intricacies of a custom Salesforce design. We have been helping companies for years with mapping their sales processes to Salesforce and automating steps of the processes where possible. Allow 3LINK to help you maximize your investment in the Salesforce platform.

Sales Development Training

To bring a group of new Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) up to speed on how to sell the company’s products and/or services, quickly, takes years of experience and if not executed effectively, your SDRs could face a false start. 3LINK will work with your team to develop an effective onboarding experience with a new hire training program that has proven to develop high-caliber SDRs.

Sales Development Operations

At the initial phase of implementing a Sales Development practice, your 3LINK Sales Development Implementation Consultant will be involved in designing and managing the SDR incentive compensation process, SDR performance data, and all the tools associated with the Sales Development team. This requires significant attention to analytical trends, strong Salesforce.com administrator experience, and deep familiarity with Excel. In addition, 3LINK will help with quality, accuracy and timeliness of SDR related reporting.

We Augment the Staff You Already Have

The 3LINK Sales Development Implementation model allows you to leverage the team you already have, while at the same time, ensuring the program is constructed with the guidance of an implementation expert. We advise, as well as actively participate in, designing, implementing and scaling your organization’s Sales Development practice.




Our Approach


A poorly designed Sales Development practice can result in exactly the opposite effect it is meant to produce. 3LINK will help you to avoid common design pitfalls by working with you and your team to align with the business strategy ensuring a strong strategic fit with new Sales Development capability. We will help construct a repeatable Sales Development process built on a solid structure and a clear strategy for success. This includes helping with writing or editing your SDR playbook and all the associated scripts and templates.


Hiring the right people is arguably the most important part of the entire program and recruiting for high-caliber SDRs can be especially difficult without help. Your recruiting strategy has to be bullet-proof in order to secure the best possible talent, quickly. With 3LINK, we lead the full recruiting effort so you don’t have to: writing the job description, posting the position, pursuing passive candidates, resume screening, coordinating, and interviewing.

Scale Up

Properly enabling a new Sales Development team from the beginning is essential for a quick start and long-term sustainable performance. Our Sales Development Implementation projects include a comprehensive and fully customizable training plan that will typically have the new SDRs ready to commence outreach efforts in under two weeks. We also provide SDR Sales Training for existing teams that are looking to improve conversation rates and overall SDR performance by providing a structured sales training program designed specifically for SDRs.


3LINK Consulting leverages a familiar organizational change framework in how we help with resource management during the engagement. We ensure the elements of People, Process, and Tools are fully aligned with the project objectives, budget, and desired timeline.

While your Sales Development practice is built to best compliment your business strategy and its associated sales process, we will help to humanize the Sales Development machine during the implementation. Often, transformation projects overly focus on process improvement and business process reengineering; while effectively ignoring the people aspect of the change initiative. With 3LINK Consulting, you can rest assured that your company’s culture is at the center of our focus as we help you achieve the objectives you have set for your new Sales Development team.

Together we will engineer a data-driven Sales Development process that will enable predictability and allow your sales efforts to scale. Through our years of research and experience working with executives on early stage Sales Development practices, we have developed an unparalleled ability of pattern recognition when setting the effort and effectiveness standards for your new Sales Development team. Automating as many of the processes as we can is an essential element during the implementation phase and 3LINK Consulting will help guide you through every step.

3LINK Consulting is a hands-on partner in customizing your Salesforce.com instance to your specific SDR processes while ensuring tight integration of all SDR technology in order to realize the maximum business value. Selecting the right acceleration tools to help your SDRs to be both efficient and effective with their time is an important step in the project, and an area where 3LINK Consulting specializes.


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About 3Link Consulting

3Link was founded in 2010 by Derrick L. Williams Jr., the company’s Principle Consultant. Derrick is a highly experienced and accomplished sales professional, spending over 20-years driving sales for businesses of all sizes, from F500 to VC-backed startups. 

For the past several years, Derrick has been successfully building high-performance Sales Development teams for startups in a variety of industries.


We hired Derrick to develop our inside sales development team at Providence. Derrick hired a team, created a
training curriculum, and provided 1:1 development for each of our newly hired SDRs. His significant experience
with Salesforce.com helped our Sales Ops team implement expanded functionality and create metric-rich
dashboards used to better manage the business. Derrick applied his sales development background in enterprise software and consumer technology to create a sales development plan for spinal implant sales. His work at
Providence helped launch successful new territories in Southern California and laid the foundation for our inside
sales pilot of FuseBox in the ASC. I highly recommend Derrick for any organization looking to implement and/or scale a sales development program. He is a hard-working, results-driven sales leader that will help your organization scale to the next level.

Jeff SmithCo-Founder and CEO Providence Medical Technology

I’ve worked with and for many sales professionals. Although my jobs have not been directly tied to quota based selling it has always been something that fascinates me. It wasn’t until I started following Derrick that it all
started to click and make sense. Derrick not only knows what he is talking about, but he can coach, teach and facilitate the learning process to shorten the learning curve. That is truly something this industry is lacking.
There are a lot of people that know sales, but it takes a true professional to be able to understand it and transfer that knowledge and understanding to someone who is attempting to learn the profession. Too often I see people
give face value information, but Derrick provides deep actionable information that you can use that day. Earlier this week Derrick spent time talking with me about job related competencies and not only did he help me further my career, but he helped me understand my strengths and my future in the industry I am in. There aren’t many people in Derrick’s position that would have taken time out of their day to truly give actionable information, and Derrick did that without any question or asking anything in return. There are very few people that have my business and recommendation after one conversation, but Derrick is one of those people. If you’re looking to better your sales skills, your sales team, or just have a conversation with someone who genuinely cares about human beings and their success look no further. Derrick, I appreciate your time and I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Ned ArickBusiness Development Consultant

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