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Accelerate your pipeline and take control of your Sales with help from 3Link.

3Link is s Consulting agency found and led by
Derrick L. Williams Jr.

3Link Consulting’s mission is to be, “The link to Growth”,  designed to help both businesses and individuals reach their Sales goals.

3 Available Services

Independent Sales Agents (ISA)

3 Flavors of Onsite Group Training Available

Navigating and Converting More Sales Conversations

Professional Prospecting for Building and Maintaining a Healthy Sales Pipeline Adoption Coaching

All of our training options are customized for each group based on the customer’s unique environment.

The Full-day and half-day sessions are intended to be conducted onsite. 3Link Consulting is based in Santa Clara, CA so customers in the San Francisco Bay Area easy for us to reach without incurring much travel expenses. If your company is outside of the Bay Area, please contact us to make special arrangements.

The 1-hour sessions are conducted by web conference only and are limited to one, two or..
3 brief topics.

If your company is implementing an SDR team to drive pipeline and revenue growth, 3Link Consulting has the hands-on experience you need to ensure your program is structured in the most effective manner possible, according to your unique business requirements.